• 類型:石材養護 - 粘膠

  • 原產地:武漢

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  • 供應能力:應客戶要求

  • 最小訂單量:無限量

本品為半流質狀雙組份室溫固化環氧樹脂結構膠,具有以下特點:<br> 1.固化物機械強度高,具有觸變性;<br> 2.熱膨脹系數與石材相近,耐冷熱交變性能優異;<br> 3.顏色淺淡;<br> 4.適用于粘接承重工程的結構部分;<br> 5.特別適合三明治式系統的粘合。<br> 6.操作方便;<br> 7.不含溶劑,適合粘接氣密性材料;<br> 8.固化時收縮率低,內應力很??;<br> 9.耐磨、耐水、耐老化;<br> 10.優異的耐候性能;<br> 11.在陽光下耐黃變傾向??;<br> 12.良好的堿穩定性,很適合粘接混凝土;<br> 13.適于粘接易溶解材料(如發泡聚苯乙烯、ABS橡膠)。<br> 14.可適合潮濕面的粘接。<br> 應用領域: <br> 可用于石材、混凝土、瓷磚、金屬等材料的粘接與修補,也可用于石材表面凹凸不平的修整。其糊狀的黏度,適合垂直位置填補孔洞及塑造邊緣角落,另外不平滑的面也可以粘接,還可進行表面的覆蓋粘接及欄桿的錨錠。其它材料如(硬PVC、多元酯,聚苯乙烯、ABS、聚酯)、紙、木材及玻璃均可粘接;材料如聚乙烯、聚丙烯、硅酮、丁基橡膠等不能粘接。<br> 技術參數:<br> 1、顏色:A組份為乳白色或灰白色半流質,B組份為淺黃色半流質<br> 2、混合后可工作時間,25℃:50克樣充分混合后15分鐘<br> 3、完全固化時間25℃:1-3天<br> 4、保質期:陰涼處,原容器密封保存一年,過期檢驗合格后可繼續使用。<br> It is a 2-component semi liquid epoxy structural adhesive. It has following properties:<br> 1. The solidified compound has a high mechanical strength;<br> 2.&nbsp;&nbsp;Heat expansion coefficient is closely to the stone materials, excellent performance in cold heat cycle resistance;<br> 3.&nbsp;&nbsp;Light color;<br> 4.&nbsp;&nbsp;Suitable for bonding the structural parts which can bear burden;<br> 5.&nbsp;&nbsp;Used for laminating(sandwiching);<br> 6. Easy handling;<br> 7. Free of solvente, suitable for bonding airproof materials;<br> 8. Small shrinkage in the process of curing with small internal stress;<br> 9.&nbsp;&nbsp;Wearable, water repellent and ageing-resistant;<br> 10. Excellent weather resistant;<br> 11. Non-yellowing;<br> 12. Favorable alkali stability, especially suitable for bonding concrete;<br> 13. Suitable for bonding soluble materials (such as foaming polystyrene and ABS rubber); <br> 14. Applicable for bonding humid surfaces.<br> Application:<br> It can be used for bonding and mending materials such as stone materials, concrete, ceramics and metals, and to trim unevenly surface of stone materials. The pasty adhesive is suitable for filling vertical holes and molding edges and corners. Besides , it can be used to bond rough surfaces, to bond surface coatings and to anchor handrails. Other materials such as hard PVC, polyester, polystyrene, ABS, paper, wood and glass can all be bonded by it; while materials such as polythene, polypropylene, silicone and butyl rubber can not be bonded by it.<br> Technical Parameter:<br> 1.Color: Component A is gray; Component B is yellowish.<br> 2.The working time (25℃):15minutes (50g sample products mix up proportionately)<br> 3.Full solidification time(25℃): 1-3 days<br> 4.Guarantee period: One year if stored in original packing with seal. It still can be used if tested to be usable after expiration date.<br> <br>
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