KD-020   石材環氧面膠


  • 類型:石材養護 - 清洗

  • 原產地:武漢

  • 規格:--

  • 供應能力:應客戶要求

  • 最小訂單量:無限量

&amp;#8226; 組成與特性:該產品為液體狀不含溶劑的流動的雙組分粘膠劑.它以一種改性的聚胺固化劑和環氧樹脂組成,主要用于強力密封填補裂紋及一般毛孔。產品具有以下特性: <br> &amp;#8226; 固化速度快,附著力強 <br> &amp;#8226; 無色透明,光澤度好,硬度高,適用于淺色石材<br> &amp;#8226; 無溶劑,對環境影響小<br> &amp;#8226; 非常好的耐候性,耐磨,耐黃變,耐油,耐水,耐化學介質,可適用于室外<br> &amp;#8226; 具有電絕緣性和熱穩定性<br> &amp;#8226; 增強石材表面質量,提高產品成品率和生產率<br> &amp;#8226; 非常適合三明治式的粘合<br> &amp;#8226; 出色的研磨及拋光性<br> &amp;#8226; 該產品不易結晶,因而能較好的儲存及使用 <br> 應用領域: <br> 主要用于石材加工行業中,用來強化多孔及有裂紋、小孔洞、砂眼、螞蟻路、凸凹不平的天然石材和混凝土,提高其表面質量.亦可用于玻璃紗網加強易碎石板.其它材料如硬PVC、聚苯乙烯、聚氨酯、金屬、紙、木材等均可粘接,不能粘接的材料有聚乙烯、聚丙烯、特氟龍等。還可用于機械工程和造型工程.在電子工業中可用于鑄造和密封電子元件。 <br> 技術參數:<br> &amp;#8226; 顏色:A組分無色或淺黃色透明,B組分無色或淡淡黃色透明<br> &amp;#8226; 可工作時間,20℃:50克樣充分混合后20-30分鐘<br> &amp;#8226; 完全固化25℃:1-3天<br> &amp;#8226; 保質期:陰涼處,原容器密封保存一年。過期檢驗合格后可繼續使用。<br> <br> It is a 2-component liquid adhesive free of solvent. It's composed of modified polyamine solidification agent and epoxy resin, mainly used to fill up and seal cracks and pores. It has following properties:<br> 1. Short curing time and strong adhesion;<br> 2.Transparent, shiny, suitable for light-color stones.<br> 3. Free of solvents, little harm to the environment;<br> 4.Weather resistant and non-yellowing, abrasion resistant, water oil and chemical repellent, suitable for outdoor use<br> 5.Electric insulation and thermal stability.<br> 6.Improve the quality of stone surface and increase its productivity.<br> 7.Used for laminating(sandwiching)<br> 8.Excellent in grinding and polishing. <br> 9. Uneasy to crystallize, therefore, it's easy to store and use<br> Application:<br> This product is mainly used to strengthen stone plates and concrete with cracks, pores, sand holes, hair lines, and scraggly surface to improve its quality. It also can be used for reinforcing brittle stone with glass fiber and for sticking other materials, such as hard PVC, polystyrene, polyurethane, metals, paper, and wood and so on. It can also be applied to mechanical engineering and molding work and used to cast and seal the electronic components in electonic industry. It is not suitable to stick polyethylene, polypropylene and Teflon materials..<br> Technical Parameter:<br> 1. Color: Component A is colorless and transparent or yellowish transparent; Component B is colorless or yellowish transparent.<br> 2.Working time (25℃):20-30minutes (50g sample products mix up proportionately)<br> 3.Full solidification time(25℃): 1-3 days<br> 4.Guarantee period: One year if stored in original packing with seal. It still can be used if tested to be usable after expiration date.<br>
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