• 類型:石材輔料與其它 - 測試儀器

  • 原產地:武漢

  • 規格:--

  • 供應能力:應客戶要求

  • 最小訂單量:無限量

武漢科達高壓灌注機精密設計,攜帶方便,輕巧同時使用特殊堅韌耐磨耗材質,排除以往小型灌注機雖輕巧,損壞率極高,維修困難,小毛病多的缺點,本公司以快速拆裝,維修容易為原則而設計出的結構灌注止水、裂縫補強專 業機種,有超高負荷壓力,高壓灌注時機身零件不變形,重量輕,可以解決施工者攜帶笨重機械的不便,是專業止水、裂縫補強施工者最佳工具。<br> 適用場所<br> 1、結構裂縫、小蜂巢、二次施工縫滲水止漏。<br> 2、結構細小裂縫、小蜂巢、二次施工縫補強。<br> 3、聚氨酯發泡劑隔熱噴涂,滲水地質改良。<br> 如地下鐵、連續壁、結構等滲水止漏,地下室外墻涌水入口處地質改良。<br> Wuhan keda high- pressure injection machine is precisely designed that it's taken easy and portable, the special firm and durable material make it compact at the same time. The machine has eliminated most shortcomings of the former ones, such as high damage ratio, difficult to be repaired,&nbsp;&nbsp;lots of shortages and etc. It's a professional machine used on constructional grouting for waterproofing and seams mending which is designed to be set up/uninstall fast, easily to be repaired, with extremely high pressure, not deformed when grouting under high pressure, resolved the inconvenience brought by the former machines and etc. It's a perfect machine for waterproofing and seams mending on construction.<br> Apply to<br> 1. Constructional seams, small comb, seams mending and waterproofing during the second constructing.<br> 2. Constructional capillary seams, small comb, seams mending and constructional reinforcement during the second constructing.<br> 3. PU foam spraying, the percolated geology improvement.<br> Such as waterproofing of subway, joint wall, structure and etc; improvement of the water entrance on the basement's<br> <br> <br>
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